Consultancy & services

Consultancy & services
PC1 Group Joint Stock Company, one of the member units of PC1 Group has already done consulting to make investment projects, establishment of technical design for construction of 110kV power grid project, 220kV, power supply systems for industrial parks and industrial plants.
The company has chaired engineerings, the project including construction of transmission lines and substations up to 220kV voltage level, the power grid renovation project for City and Town, the Rural Energy Project II ( RE2), telecommunications projects and a lot of other projects being implemented by the ODA, loans from World Bank (WB), the capital of Vietnam Electricity (EVN), Northern Power Corporation ( NPC), the capital of the province and customers throughout the country.

Some typical projects performed by the Company in design and consultancy which has accomplished mention include:

  • Hydropower Plant Ta Co – Son La;
  • 110 kV lines from the substation 500kV Thuong Tin to 110kV  Thuong Tin-Hanoi;
  • Improve capacity 110kV substation Nhat Tan – Hanoi;
  • Improve capacity 110kV substation Phuc Tho – Hanoi;
  • 110 kV Substation Nui Phao-Thai Nguyen;
  • Nickel Factory Ban Phuc-Son La;
  • 110 kV Line Tang Loong-Khe Lech-Lao Cai;
  • Expanding Thai Binh 220kV substations.

PC1 Group has also been a professional unit for many years in the work of surveying, excerpts and clearance compensation  of power projects across the country.

In addition, the Company also provides management services to the high-level complex buildings, apartments and real estate trading floors.